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Art Net
EncycloZine - Eluzions section has a great collection of optical illusions.

Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco
Kaleidoscope Painter -
Click and hold mouse to create variety of designs.  Fun and easy to use.
How to Make a Pop-up Book - Directions for a very simple pop-up book.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
       CLIP ART - A-Z Subject categories
All Free Clipart - Select category on left column and then arrow down to page to view.  CAUTION: Do not click on Message Alerts. 
AltaVista Images - Can sort images by color or black and white and can also specify size of image.
  Barry's Clip Art - can search by subject or  keyword
Classroom Clipart - Serch the directory for free clip art images available for educational purposes.
Clip Art Index - Free clip art  arranged by topic.  Especially useful for holiday  and cartoon characters clipart.
Clip Art Gallery - Original school and classroom- related clipart images from the Discovery Channel website.
Fun with Photos - Free photo archive from Oswego School District.  Site is searchable by keyword.
Free Clip Art - can search by subject or keyword.  However, beware of the ad loops.
Microsoft Design Gallery Live - Easy to search by subject and easy to download.
Pics4Learning - Copyright-friendly images donated by teachers, students and amateur photographers.  Nicely organized. 


  • Celebrity Almanac - Includes photos and autographs.  Profiles not organized for easy use.
  • Lives: the biography resource - Links to thousands of biographies.  Organized and easy to use.  Many websites list resources for the biographies. 


  •'s College Admission's Page - Annotated links on college admission process.  Be prepared for annoying pop-ads.
  • America's Career INFONET - Provides general information on careers as well as specific labor market outlook.
  • Career Toolbox - Section on creating a resume includes an interactive resume builder.  Examples are given for how to create resumes and cover letters.
  • NJ Higher Education Assistance Authority - Guide to financial aid in New Jersey
  • NJ Transfer - Assists students transfer community college courses in New Jersey.  Students can evaluate courses using the Recommended Transfer Programs with participating 4-year colleges in New Jersey.
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook - Gov. handbook with employment outlook and statistics for specific careers.
  • Students.Gov - Answers questions on education, careers and military service.  Includes information on how to pay for education.
  • Workforce New Jersey - One Stop Career Center: Provides thorough coverage on locating a job and research in career areas and college information.



  • Club Drugs - Facts and statistics from the National Criminal Justice Reference Service on club drugs
  • GovSpot - See the Issues section (School vouchers, environment, death penalty, gun control)
  • Issues and Conflicts from IPL (Topics such as Abuse, Gangs, etc.)
  • Social Issues - Multnomah County Library (abortion to world population topics)



  • Stones at Home - Stone activities and experiments - See the Rock Cycle Experiments and the Sedimentary Sandwich
  • Weather World 2010 Project -  Online Guides: Meteorology, Reading and Interpreting Weather Maps (can print B&W or color maps), and Classroom Activities
  • WhyFiles- Science current events



  • Delsea Literary Criticism Ebook Collection - Literary Reference Resources
  • The English Server
  • The Busy Teacher's Website - Many English Reference Tools
  • Elizabethan Wedding Feast - View the pathfinder to websites.
  • Figment is a community for teens to writing, connect with other readers, and discover new stories and authors. Whatever you're into, from sonnets to mysteries, from sci-fi stories to cell phone novels, you can find it all here.
  • French Songs - Traditional and contemporary song recordings.  Features streaming mp3s and lyrics. 
  • Grammar Guide - Guide to Grammar and Writing
  • LibriVox - Free audiobooks to download available through public domain.
  • Middles Ages - View the pathfinder to websites on Middles Ages.
  • OpenCulture - Free downloads of audio books.
  • RocketBooks - provides videos study guides with summaries and detailed literary analyses of classic literary works.  It's a free website and looks cool.  In addition to the videos, offers Wiki-Notes, PDF files and MP3 guides that are all free.  It does include an advertising introduction but it's very short and then the video plays. 
  • Teen Ink Magazine - Submit your original stories, essays, artwork, poems, photographs. 
  • Vocabulary with Compassion - Test your vocabulary and donate rice to U.N. World Food Program.   Each correct vocabulary answer donates 20 grains of rice.
  • Witchcraft in Salem Village
  • Wordplay - Dedicated to amusing quirks, peculiarities, and oddities of the English language. Has over 500 pages of word puzzles, games, amazing lists, and fun facts including anagrams, tongue twisters, oxymorons, etc.




    Puzzlemaker - Design your own crossword puzzles, word searches or other types of puzzles or have students use to design puzzles.

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  • A+ Math - Flashcards, games and worksheets to improve skills.  Create your own math flashcards.
  • MacTutor History of Mathematics - Includes biographies 
  • History of Mathematics
  • MathLeague Help Topics - Online math textbook.  Definitions and explanations are followed with examples.
  • Mathematics Lessons that are fun! - Contains explanations and interactive problems.  Also, provides links to other math lessons related to topic.
  • MathPower - See the Math Anxiety Bill of Rights and view the tutorials for math help.
  • MsTeensInvest - Introduction to stock market for teens.
  • Practical Money Skills for Life -  Special features include interactive quizzes and games, "Countdown to Retirement," "Money Management Intelligence," and "Quiz Show."  There are online calculators for money skills such as Mortgages, Credit Cards, and  Budget Planners.  Site is well organized and easy to navigate.
  • Recreational Mathematics - Includes 13 categories of puzzles and the newest puzzle, Sodoku
  • Welcome to Zona Land - Filled with visual tools to explain basic geometry, trigonometry and physics concepts. Divided into More Science, More Math sections. Included are pages to print a sheet of graph paper and other graphing tools. A VRML plug-in is needed to view 3-D graphics; a link for plug-in is included.



Camping... New Jersey
Drumthwacket (Governor's Mansion)
Franklinville Inn
Gloucester County
Great Places in South Jersey
New Jersey Colleges, Universities, and Schools                                                 New Jersey Digital Highway - Provides primary source documents related to NJ history.  Also, has lesson ideas for teachers.
New Jersey Historical Society
New Jersey Legislature
State of New Jersey
The Boardwalk Catalog: The Jersey Shore



  • Funderstanding - Here's an opportunity to run or derail a roller coaster.



  • ENature - Provides field guides with pictures and descriptions of plants and animals.  Learn the local animals through the local guide (just enter zipcode).  In addition, view the sky guide and send an e-card. 
  • HHMI's BioInteractive Lab - Very cool.  Site has interactive learning modules with animated clips.  Check out the 3D heart.
  • How Stuff Works - Includes a search option.  Provides links to related websites. 
  • NASA Homepage
  • National Wildlife Federation
  • NatureSongs - Animal and nature sounds.  Very cool.
  • Periodic Table of Comic Books - Links elements to comic book characters.  Click on the element symbol to get information on the element.
  • Science Odyssey - Interactive games & stories related to scientists and discoveries (shockwave req.)
  • WhyFiles- Science current events
  •  Wilton High School Chemistry - Comprehensive listing of chem. deomonstrations and experiments.  All are divided into categories of experiments.  Also, includes tutorials.

SEARCH - Divided into 3 categories: Directories, Search Engines, MetaSearch Engines
                       See Search Tool Chart for full descriptions. 
        Directories - Divided into broad subject categories.  Selected and sometimes rated.
Yahoo Caution - Useful for general not specific search.  Results will contain a higher proportion of commercial sites than most other search tools. 

  • KidsClick- Organizes information into subject areas and directs to specific information sites.  No commercial sites are included.
  • Librarian's Index to Internet - Evaluated and annotated by librarians.  Can search by topic pages or subject.

           Search Engines - Sites selected by computer searches. 

  • Google - Can search for PDF files.  Useful for phrase searching (will locate phrase in webpages.)  Can be used to discover plagiarism.
  • - Meaning-based search engine.  For example, a search on "heart" brings results dealing with emotion, "heart."
  • Hotbot -Useful for searching for pictures, sound files, shockwave or other technologies.
  • SuperPages- Yellow Pages, People Pages and City Pages
  • Visimo - Automatically sorts search results into categories.
  • WiseNut - Automatically sorts search results into categories.

          MetaSearch Engines 

  •  FindSpot- Includes Basic Search Engines, Directories and MetaSearch Engines.  Can also use their search topics. 
  • Mamma- Organizes by subject categories and limits searches for images, video and audio files.
  • Profusion - Intelligent searching (can determine heart - emotion vs. heart -physical).  Can select search engines to search. 


  • Cinco De Mayo: Celebration of Mexican Heritage - Topics include History of Mexico, Modern Life and Culture, Hispanic Americans.
  • Learn About Flamenco! - Sections include What is Flamenco?, Musical Foundations and Write Your Own Music.   Users can listen to music excerpts, clap along with rhythms and compose their own songs.



American Airlines
Best Fares Discount Travel Magazine
Continental Airlines
Currency Converter
Delta Airlines
Conde Nast Traveler - Sections on bargains, booking, weather, maps, photos
Expedia - Air travel and other reservations
Festivals.Com- Select Explore with World Map to locate festivals for specific country
PlanetWare Travel Encyclopedia - Search the free sections for photographs of tourist attractions.  Use the column on the left for the free photos.
United Airlines
US Airways
Yahoo! Travel - destination and online ticket information

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