Web Page Evaluation Workshop January 23 - 26, 2001

I.  Introduction - Mankato, MN Homepage

II.  Criteria for Evaluation
        Success worksheet - student

III.  The Good

  1.  Black History : Exploring African - American Issues on the Web
        Sponsored by Pacific Bell
        Well Organized and easy to navigate
        Has author and author information easily located
        Has date and regularly updated
        Author answers email
        Purpose clear
        Resources listed

  2.  Distinguished Women of Past and Present
        Author easily located
        Background / purpose for site available
        Update listed
        Well organized - search by subject, name, related links
        Very thorough coverage
        Resources listed

3.  Availability of Information
           ~ - check for author's credentials.

IV.  The Bad

  1.  Mankato, MN Homepage
        Read the disclaimer - Arrow down to part four of the disclaimer
        Appears to be a real page - has all the elements: author, date, organization
        Check out the real Makato page

  2.   Burmese Mountain Dog
         Facts seem to be accurate - however, no links to actual articles or studies
          Has a list of resources.
          Includes an author's name and copyright date.
                    Verify by checking :
Other Web Sites for more information:

             Credit to By: Dr. Steven Hackbarth, Ph.D., DVM. 

 3.  Google Technology
       Looks like a Google Page. 
       Read the note at the bottom of the page.

V.  The Ugly

  1.  The Onion - America's Finest News Source
        Responsibility for page missing - Who sponsors the page?
        Copyright date is listed.
        Appears to be a valid news source - the page looks authentic

  2.  PETA
        Title is related to other PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals)
        Author listed without credentials or background
        Bias is very evident

  3.  Real Life Shark Cartilage Information Exchange
        Purpose - selling
        Author - Who is Real Life?
        Date - Updated July 2000
        Alludes to studies but where are the citations?

VI.  Other sources useful for web page evaluation
 1.  Joyce Valenza's Webquest Evaluation Activity

2.  Evaluating Web Resources by Jan Alexander and Marsha Ann Tate from Widener University
    Includes a checklist of criteria for evaluating web pages.  Has examples of web sites as well as a Power Point presentation.

3.  Criteria for Evaluating Web Sites from North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
    A short list of criteria.

VII.  Evaluation Activity - Select one set of websites and complete the evaluation sheet.
A.   Gun Control
      a.NCPA - Crime & Gun Control
      b.Gun Control vs. Gun Rights

B.  Aspartame
      a.Aspartame Consumption is Never Safe
      b.Aspartame (NutraSweet) Toxicity Information Center
      c.Aspartame helps keep weight off

C.  Or select a set of websites from this Evaluation Activtiy Page  (designed by Susan E. Beck from New Mexico State University Library)
          Includes websites on Smoking and Tobacco, Aids, Immigration and Drugs, Hormones

D.  Hints and Tips
Arrow down to appropriate subject for help with evaluating websites.

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Criteria for Evaluation  Success worksheet - teacher version