Student Assistance

Program Coordinator Linda Lawyer
Phone Extension 234

The Student Assistance Program involves a variety activities designed with you in mind. These activities have been developed to assist you with the ability to cope with the every day pressures that you may experience.

Group and individually discussed topics may include drug and alcohol abuse, value clarification, self-concept, decision making, and coping skills. This program explores and takes advantage of the positive influence that you can have on each other and affect changes in your behavior and outlook. Most of the information discussed is strictly confidential, there are few exceptions. I welcome your involvement and support.

Often students will seek assistance through this program to address issues related to their own use of alcohol and/or other drugs or if they are being affected by someone else's use of alcohol and/or other drugs. Please be reminded that school-based substance abuse programs must comply with Federal confidentially regulations (42 CFR - Part 2).

A copy of the Board of Education policy and implementing regulations on Substance Abuse can be found in the Crusader Handbook distributed at the beginning of the school year and at this website.

Program Information and Components