Mr. James Dallett
Educated Delsea Students from 1960 to 1998

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.

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Memories of Mr. Dallett
Jim was my field trip buddy for many years when I taught freshmen English and public speaking. He was also the man who made sure that I received the teacher of the year award in 1996. Honesty, loyality, dedication, and friendship are the keys words for Jim. You'll always be in my heart.-Madeline Propert
One of the finest men anywhere. He touched many lives for the better,I know that I'm a better person for having been taught by him in the classroom and in life! I'll miss his guidance and knowledge but his lesson in life will be in my heart forever. Gone but will never be forgotten. "IN MY HEART ALWAYS" James W. Stevenson Jr. Class of '77
I remember times that Mr. Dallet would come in and observe my Pre-algebra class. He was a cool teacher. Mrs. fiduciscioso would tell us how he had been a great influence on her in persuing her career in teaching. -George Edwards(Former Delsea Student)2004
Mr. Dallett was a great influence on me (as many of my teachers were). He taught me to push myself and have high expectations. They are lessons that have shaped who I am today.

Denise (Van Horn) Clark - Class of 1987
Jim Dallett was truly a nice man. If we look around, we'll realize that's quite an accomplishment today. In a society which accepts negativism and criticism as a norm, Jim was cheerful and positive. In the years that I taught with Jim, I never heard him say one unkind thing about anyone. His positive attitude was evident in his interactions with his students also. He always found a positive accomplishment of a student and complemented the student. This meant the difference between continuing to work hard and quitting for many students. He was a dedicated teacher. He always made himself available for Thursday tutoring sessions in preparation for Friday quiz days. Even after retirement, Jim was a presence at Delsea as a mentor and an athletic fan. Jim will be missed. Paula Melnyk
He was one of my teachers my freshmen year 1998. He always helped me whenever I needed it. He was a great teacher and friend. I will miss you Mr. Dallett!!!!
Mr Dallett taught with a passion his love for teaching made math a lot easier for those who did not care for it. He always knew when you had other problems and would ask to see you after school. He had a special talent for helping those who would not seek out help he will live in the hearts of those he helped forever. FH
Jim Dallett was many things to many people, but for me he was family. I had JD both in 8th Grade
Math and again in 9th grade for Algebra. He was tough, but he was always fair. He instilled greatness in many of his students, much more than anyone will ever know. His legacy is not just his students and peers, but a wonderful family. His
love for each surrounds them today and will penetrate the lives they live forever. JD
was a good friend, and above all of this he took
care of my sister and parents. Drive on JD, just
remember to keep one of the windows cracked!
Much love to my family - Frank Albert Hopkins '65
I am not a math student by any means. Now that I'm in college I try to stay as far away from it as possible actually. I received my first and only A in a high school math course in Mr.Dallett's geometry class my freshman year. He had a way of taking the most complicated concepts and turning them into simple statements. Dallett's Laws I think he called them. He also told the greatest stories. My personal favorite was the one about a student who ate chalk. Even in the following years when I would get up early and head up to Mr.King's room for help in Trig or Calculus I would see Mr. Dallett sitting there drinking coffee and it would give me confidence even as I struggled to do derivatives at the board. Mr. Dallett retired the year after I took his class but it was never unusual to see him in Mr. King's room or in the stands of a basketball game. He continues to be an influence on my education and my life and will remain always in my memory.
Courtney McCann, Class of 2001
I don't think that anyone who had Mr. Dallet will ever forget his belt buckle to the side and his witty ways of helping you memorize all of the rules to Geometry. The only class I ever had to repeat was his, but he wasn't a teacher that I ever minded having twice. I remember his talk with me after I failed his class...and I was back sitting there the next fall, only difference was I paid attention that year!!!! He was a great teacher and will surely not be forgotten!!!
Lisa W. Class of 1994
Of the many memories of my dad that I hold dear to my heart, the Delsea years stand out. From working in the concession stands at the football games with him and my mom, to wrestling matches and basketball games, I spent my youth at Delsea Regional. Even as the years passed on and I graduated from college (as a teacher, of course) there wasn't a family gathering that didn't include a Reilly or a Sal or a Jane story. It brought joy to my Father to remember such wonderful times. He was never more proud then the day my brother took a position at the school. His heart always was and always will be with Delsea, doing what he loved most of all teaching. If I am even half the teacher my father was I consider my self a very lucky person.
I have never experienced a teacher with more class than Mr. Dallet. None of us will ever forget his belt buckle to the side (so he didn't scratch the cars, of course!) and the time we spent learning to love math. No matter how confused we thought we were, we always had the confidence we needed when we left the classroom at the end of the period. Mr. Dallet was a true example of how the degree alone does not make you a teacher, you must possess the talent to inspire people. I moved into a career in education because of the values that Mr. Dallet set forth. He was and will continue to be an inspiration.
Missy Quinn - '96
What a loss he helped me through some times. He always talked to you and knew just what to say. To say he will be missed is like saying nothing. I will love him forever....... And will remember hin forever and ever......... LR
Mr. Dallett was the best teacher I have ever had. He motivated me and incouraged me to become a teacher. Now i am a teacher at the University of Texas.
Mr. Dallett, what a teacher! I remember when he was my Algebra teacher quite some years ago, he was quite the teacher. Taught me most of what I know about teaching today! He had a great attitude and it sure did rubbed off on me, or so I think. Anyway he was a great inspiration for me, if it wasn't for good aole Mr. Dallett I probably would not be teaching today. I am currently a mathematics instructor/teacher @ The Military Academy at West Point. He pushed me to getr were I am now, thank you Mr. Dallett.
-Lt. Colonel George H. Thompson
(United States Army)
Math was never my best subject and almost always I avoided it. I went from barely making it through algebra I, and II but Mr. Dallett had a way of teaching Geometry that opened everyone's eyes. Every single lesson had a personal story to go with it and it always tied into the lesson in some weird way. He always made class interesting and that is why students learned. Mr. Dallett made math fun. He sure broadened my horizons as I now have a degree in finance and I owe it to Mr. Dallett. He will be missed. ----Anthony Martino Class of '99---
What a wonderful man and teacher. I will never forget having him as my Geometry teacher, boy did he help me. I can remember failing every test, but he had faith in me and helped me pass the course. He will never be forgotten. And of course, we all remember the belt buckle and his love for cars. Thanks Mr. Dallett....
Stephanie Iglesias- Class of 96
Mr.Dallet was the epitome of a great teacher. He made math accessable and, dare I say, fun to everyone. He had the best kind of gift; he made his students strive to do their best. We always felt bad when we failed a test because we felt like we had let him down. But he never gave up on any of us. He saw the potential for greatness in each of his students. He was a great math teacher and an outstanding person and he will be missed. Mr. Dallett, you taught two generations of my family, and we never stopped telling stories about you. Your legacy lives on in those of us who were blessed to call you "teacher".
Mr. Dallett--he has the honor of being the only math teacher to teach a class I can look back on and say, "I enjoyed that math class." What a great loss of a wonderful teacher.
Mr.Dallett was a very fine man and i wish i would have known him. I'm sure he was a really great teacher and he will be missed.
I may have been the world's worst math student, but during Mr. Dallett's class I actually looked forward to coming to class. He gave me confidence when dealing with math. Looking at it from a student's point of view, Mr. Dallett was one of my favorite teachers.
When I started teaching, I often went to Mr. D for guidance and advice. He was always there for a good idea or a kick in the butt, whatever was needed. He was an institution at Delsea, and certainly will be missed.
Rob Briles '88
Mr. Dallett was by far the best teacher I have had in all my years of schooling.(6+ after high school) He was always in control of his class and taught Math very well, he challenged us on a daily basis. I remmeber he gave us a problem that had never been solved and challenged us to solve it, I thought I did and so did he. When it was checked by a college Math teacher who found my errors he still encouraged me to keep trying. I am now a teacher(Math one of the subjects) and I always strive to be as good and caring as Mr. Dallett was, he will always live on in my memory and I am sure in the memories of his other students. Brett Savage Class of 1985
Jim Dallett was a colleague of mine for many years, a wonderful math teacher and one of Delsea's biggest supporters. Jim took a personal interest in his students and did whatever he could to help them succeed. When he came to the guidance office to discuss a student, he knew his/her strengths and weaknesses in math and could predict success or failure. However, he never gave up on a student espcially if that student never gave up trying.
Jim served as a role model for students - it was not only how well he delivered the subject matter he loved so much to teach, it was his way of interacting with students - he had a genuine interest in them as individuals. He will always be a member of our Delsea Family. Carol Orsi
I felt I wanted to add to the memories that have helped me through this most difficult time. The memories I have would fill a two inch novel.
The dreams we shared are no more, the plans we looked forward to will not happen. But the memories oh so many will get me through the days, weeks and months to come. Thanks to everyone for the great memories. Doris Dallett
Jim Dallett is a Delsea institution. I was deeply saddened to learn of his passing even though I had not seen the man in several years. I believe I speak for any student that ever had the pleasure of sitting in his class. Always happy and eager to share a funny anecdote to get the point across. My mother had Mr. Dallett as a teacher back when Delsea first opened. I can remember how happy she was to learn that I would have him as well. She was heartbroken to hear he was gone. I cannot imagine a Delsea without him. He was a great man that will sorely be missed.
- Robert W. Steenland (Class of '93)
I am sorry to hear about Mr.Dallett he was just the greatest teacher in the world. I had to take his class twice but he was such a great teacher it was a pleasure.He knew I could do it and I passed with flying colors. THANK YOU MR. D I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU
Tina (Little) Runyon class of 86
My memory of Mr.Dallet was him coming into my business math class my senior year to observe mrs. Gaetano... He would always ask me about basketball about how many points i scored or how i think the team is coming along i didnt know him very well but he would still talk to me about basketball which he was always in attendance I'll remember Mr.D just for that-
JR Tolbert class of '03
Mr. Dallett was not only an excellent teacher. He was also a friend and a truly NICE individual. I remember him as always being so very easy to talk to. Those of us who were fortunate enough to have had him as a teacher were indeed blessed! Thank you Mr. Dallett. You will forever live in our hearts!

Carolyn Ferren Class of 1965
I came to Delsea my sophmore year, after my parent's messy divorce and felt completely out of place. Mr. Dallet, in his stern but caring way took me under his wing, and not only taught me about Geometry but about life. My heart goes out to his family for the loss of such a great man, and for all those future students who will never have the opportunity to have such a tremendous influence in their life.
God Bless you Mr. Dallet, and thanks for the memories.
As a black student of Delsea during the middle to late seventies there were only a few teachers that I could trust and even fewer teachers that I belieived (at the time), that looked passed my race. Mr Dallett was a man I not only trusted but loved. He truly had a heart for people. I hope I am at least half the man he was.
Pablo Hunt - 1978
After reading all of these memories of Mr. Dallett, I was compelled to include some of my own. Like everybody else, I entered Mr. Dallett's geometry class at a time in my life where school was not really the most important or interesting thing for me, but much more like a chore. Looking back on it now, I feel that all that changed after spending a year with him. For the first time in my life, I was excited about going to class, and felt that I was actually becoming a better student just by hearing him teach. Looking back at it now, I feel that having him in ninth grade was one of the real turning points in my life. It was at this time in my life that doing well in school went from being a bonus to a priority. I will never forget the time I spent in his classroom, or just the times I had a chance to sit down and talk with him and Mr. King when he would come in on a Friday morning to visit after he retired. Sitting here now I can still recite some of the rules of geometry that he taught me about ten years ago, as I am sure many of can also. Not only was he a great teacher, but I felt he really cared for me as a student and a person, which means more to me now than I could ever put into words. Ed Tyler Class of 1999.
MR. D was not my school teacher. Instead he taught me how to water ski and about life. He and Mrs. D have always been there for me, not only as friends, but as a second set of parents. My heart goes out to him and his family.
Much love and respect
A teacher who truly cared about his students, both the good ones and the bad ones. -AS Class of 96
James Dallett was a big influence in my life. He taught me Algebra I and Geometry and the subjects were to become my life's work. I am a math teacher because of the great teachings of a great man.
I remember the "fun" of the classroom and Mr. Dallett sticking his size 15 foot on your desk.
So sad to hear of his passing.
MaryAnn (DiBenedetto) Brown
Class of 1966
James Dallett was a big influence in my life. He taught me Algebra I and Geometry and the subjects were to become my life's work. I am a math teacher because of the great teachings of a great man.
I remember the "fun" of the classroom and Mr. Dallett sticking his size 15 foot on your desk.
So sad to hear of his passing.
MaryAnn (DiBenedetto) Brown
Class of 1966
I am truly sorry to hear of Mr. Dallet's passing. He was a super colleague, great teacher and a good man. He touched thousands of students in many positive ways. He will be missed by all.

Allen Thompson
I was just checking out Delsea's web sight and found out Mr.D passed away. How could this have happened to such good person. He helped out our whole family. My sister and I both had him as a teacher, as did my dad. He will hold a special place in our hearts for him and I know his scholarship fund will help kids just as he helped all of us. We love and miss you Mr.D and keep that tutoring going where ever you are. Till we meet again.. FR
I didn't know Mr. D that well, but we'd often run into each other during the 9 years I've spent with his family. He always had something to talk about, racing in particular. Occasionally I'd call him with a rough algebra problem, and he'd make it look (and be!) so much easier than it appeared. He was truly an amazing man, who has touched the lives of many people, whether they were students or not. My love and support goes to his wife, daughter and entire family! ~Melissa Pileiro
Mr.D taught me in school but went much further he and MRS.D taught me to water ski. They did a lot of things together as a family and I could see that they enjoyed being together. My love for the family will be with me forever I only hope that my children will have such a loving,caring and great teacher. Love You Mr. D and thanks for all you did to help me through my rough times. I am doing well now and I owe a lot if not all to you because you gave me the father image I never had..... LOVE YOU FOREVER......... Ann
Mr. Dallett was a fine teacher, very sensitive and kind. He liked when I asked tough questions, always to him alone, since I was such a shy kid. He said I would be fine when I went to college. He was right. I look back at this and other things he said and the way I carried his words with me and I realize now what a great guy he was. In his own understated way he inspired me. Thank you Mr. Dallett. God Bless!

Brian O'Keefe, Class of '80
I was heart broken to hear about Mr. Dallet. I had him for 2 years in a row and no one could teach like him. He had a way of breaking things down and making math fun. Of all the teachers I had at Delsea, Mr D. was one of my most favorite ones. My hope for my children is they get a teacher as wonderful and caring as Mr. D. Jamie(Ward) Smith, Class of '86
Truly by accident did i end up in Mr.D's Pre Algebra class my freshman year in 1985-86. Purely by design and by his influence on me was I able to go from that class to Calculus by my senior year. Mr. D had a unique way of motivating people. When he saw something in you he had an even better way of bringing it out. His disdain for the publishers of the books was famous and he made it a personal vendetta to point out the wrong answers placed in those books the very first day of every class I remember. Those famous rantings are only eclipsed by his lengendary stories and his enlightening personality. I am sure that everyone who ever had the absolute pleasure of sitting in his classrrom will remember that HUGE 20-something step Algebra problem that was your homework assignment over Xmas vacation. I have had the distinct pleasure of outwitting him only once and it was during the review of that very problem. His question was simple.."If angle 3 and angle 1 equal 110 degrees...what is 2 plus 4?"..."six" I said just loud enough for the class laugh....he promptly turned around and threw me out of class for upstaging i walked out of his classroom...he just laughed and said "You of all people got me...but don't get used to it....because not many people do...see you tomarrow"...MR.D I can only say this to you...wherever you are I know you can see this have been an influence to all who have been blessed to have have met you...especially are by far the finest teacher I have ever had and one of the finest people I have ever are sorley missed and i long for the day when I can shake your hand and hear you say hello to me again for that will be the highlight of my afterlife
Sincerely and Respectfully
Lewis A. Ward
Class of '89
I felt like I was hit by lighting when I read that Mr.D passed away. He taught me more than math he and his wife taught me what a family was like. They had me down for dinner Mr.D spent many days after school on his time helping me to put life in order. I was a foster child and had gone through a lot as a young child and when my new foster parents moved to Franklinville I was so afraid I would not be excepted and Mr.D picked up on it the first day and asked to see me after school. From that day on I had a friend that helped me all the way through 12th grade. He is the reason I am what I am today. My heart aches for the family. I have a hard time understanding why these things happen to those who give so much to the world. My love to his wife and I will pray for peace. Love you Mr. D forever,,,,,,,,,KR
My memory is not of being in Mr. Dallet's class which I was not so fortunate to be in, but my sister was. I do recall him being one of her favorite teachers. He was one of the ones who really believed in her potential and was always trying to draw it out. Sadly she passed away 9 years ago this month (9/22/95). Hopefully, they were able to meet up with each other in the next life.

Conni (Errickson) Miller, Class of 1989 - In memory of Chrissy Errickson, Class of 1986 (1966-1995)
Not much to say but LOVE YOU, MISS YOU and I only hope we will meet again.. My love to the family I just believe what they must be going through....Carol Willermet class of 63
What a shock..... It seems to me life can be so cruel to those who helped out so many and from what I heard Mr. D was still helping out students after he retired. My love to all his family I know how close they were. so miss, so loved but never forgotten. Love louise
So sorry to here about Mr. D's. He did so much for so many and was still helping kids after he retired. Life can be cruel and take what is most important to us. He will be missed. My love goes out to his wife Doris and his children Danielle and Jimmy. I remember them at the football, basketball and wrestling games. They were a happy family and I know they are in great pain. Love to all of them..... Louise
Wow, its incredibly emotional to read these wonderful, heartfelt testimonials. I'm gratified to know that Mr. Dallett touched so many people's lives both inside and out of the classroom. I can't think of a more fitting tribute than to learn from his example in how we approach our lives. Indeed, he was one of the good guys. :)
There is nothing that I can say that has not already been said. It was like a reunion reading the memories. The one I remember the most was his guitar club, he always played the songs from the sixties and seventies. It did not matter how much you knew about playing he invited you to come and you went away learning so much. Keep up the good work in heaven Mr.D. And I just wanted to let you know your son is teaching my grandson and he tells me he is just like his dad. WOW you tought him to be a good person too. Love to all the family. your student from the class of 70.....
I am fortunate enough to have been one of the many students influenced by Mr. Dallet. The experiences in freshman geometry were some of the best that high school had to offer. I'll never forget his story of the old woman who'd write him a check for a dollar less than the bill, and how he compensated by charging her $5 more. I remember him as a witty, stern, and caring man with a passion for teaching. To be considered half the teacher he was would be a tremendous compliment. - Jason Montana '95 - Mathematics Teacher
mr. d was a great teacher and a wonderful man. i remember many great stories he told us in class, and how he always called me doctor. mr. d will be missed very much and i wish his family all the best. Brian Mascolo class of 1998
It took me a long time to read all tthe memories a lot of the people who wrote in were class mates friends and all feel the way I do, the loss is more than I can ever understand,why the good guys don't we have enough of the down side of life. Mr. D as we called him gave me money when I had none for lunch, a ride home and many pep talks. he helped me get to where I am to day. I only wish I had know about his death I could have been there for his family, Mrs. Dallett had me down for dinner many times and I will never forget their kindness. My love to all.
I was in Mr. Dallett's classes for Algebra I and II. He seemed to have a way of knowing if I "got it" just by looking at me. And he would just keep looking at me until I guess I had the light bulb moment show through. That made me really buckle down on Algebra because I didn't want "the stare" from him. He was a fine teacher and always willing to spend a little extra time with anyone. I remember him well.
Ella Chamness Dalrymple - Class of 1967
I was in Mr. Dallett's classes for Algebra I and II. He seemed to have a way of knowing if I "got it" just by looking at me. And he would just keep looking at me until I guess I had the light bulb moment show through. That made me really buckle down on Algebra because I didn't want "the stare" from him. He was a fine teacher and always willing to spend a little extra time with anyone. I remember him well.
Ella Chamness Dalrymple - Class of 1967

In memory of Mr. James Dallett a Scholarship has been set up for a senior math student.
Please send any donations to Delsea Regional High School Business Office making the check payable to Jim Dallett Scholarship Fund.