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TV Video Production 2 (B)

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Program Description:

Television/video Production II is a full year course designed as a follow-up to Video Production I. The students will bring to this the knowledge they gained in the introduction course, and they will use this knowledge to develop and produce commercials, music videos, and short video projects. The programs the students produce will be developed for the purpose of promoting various programs that the school district offers. A brief history of broadcasting and film production will also be studied.

Program Purpose:

The purpose of this course is twofold. The students who enroll in this course will receive a sound foundation of knowledge of the broadcasting field. They will use this knowledge as they continue their careers either in college to further study the broadcastingfield or in the workplace that is broadcasting-related. Another purpose for this course is to promote Delsea Regional School District to the citizens within the district. The programs developed in this course will illustrate the district's dedication to its students by showcasing the various programs it offers its students.