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Program Description:

EIGHTH GRADE ART is a nine week exploratory program which is designed to further develop and reinforce art skills and knowledge. The major units are critique, design, drawing, ceramics, printmaking, and color. Additional exposure to art history is incorportated into each unit to further develop the students appreciation of the arts. Art vocabulary, spelling skills, and related art careers are included in the curriculum. Students will be assessed through teacher observation, class participation, projects, quizzes, and note keeping.

Program Purpose:

Eighth grade art provides students with the skills necessary to be proficient in the state's core content standards for art. The curriculum offers a variety of experiences designed to enhance student's critical thinking skills as well as instruct them in the production of art in a variety of media. Making and looking at art involves problem solving, analytical thinking, deductive reasoning, observational skills and creativity. The inquiry process, along with creative expression and the study of technique, forms the basis of the study of art. Developing skill in art requires practice and repetition at every age level. Eighth grade art is devoted to continued artistic development and involves assisting students in identifying areas of concentration to be pursued more in-depth in the High School art program.