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Reading Writing 3 (Special Ed)

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Program Description:

Reading/Writing 3 is a required, full year, five credit course for eleventh grade students. The resource center program for special education students encapsulates the HSPA curriculum with modifications as needed for the special education population. Oral reading of tests and answer choices is another modification used initially to familiarize the students with the testing format.
Other modifications used would be stressing concrete versus abstract concepts, extra time for test and assignments as needed, study guides, and any other specific modifications as determined by the students' IEP (Individualized Education Plan)

Program Purpose:

The Reading/Writing 3 program is designed to teach and refine and enhance the student's literacy skills through developmental reading and writing while expanding upon and adding to already existing mechanics and usage skills. In addition,
there is the application of both creative and technical writing as they relate to the purposes of the course which is to increase each individual student's performance by 10%. The resource center is designed to aid special education students who benefit from smaller class instruction. It also allows slower pacing which is essential for the success of the special education student.