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The NJ KidCare program will provide affordable health insurance to children in low income families.

1. The ABC's of NJ KidCare

Based on your family income level, your child(ren) may qualify for health insurance coverage in one of three plans provided by NJ KidCare: Plan A: Health care benefits will be provided to your child(ren) for families with limited income at no cost. Plans B and C: Health care benefits are available for children in families with a higher income level. However, in Plan C, eligible families are required to pay a $15 monthly premium contribution, and a $5 copayment per doctor visit. Cost sharing will never exceed 5% of the family income

2. Who is eligible? Children from birth through 18 years of age whose family income level corresponds to any of those listed on the chart on the back cover of this brochure.

3. What services will be provided?

The services will be provided through a managed care arrangement and include: well child visits and other preventive services, hospitalization, physician visits, lab and x-ray, prescription and non prescription dru~s medical sunPlies medical equipment, dental, vision and hearing services. Other health care services also are available.

4. How and where can I enroll my child?

Applications are available at the Gloucester County Board of Social Services (telephoue 582-9200) where families can receive assistance in completing them. For your convenience completed applications can also be mailed.

5. Where and how will my child get health care services?

Your child will be enrolled in a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). An HMO is a group of doctors and other health care professionals who work together as a team to keep your child(ren) healthy.

6. Will it be diffcult to obtain care?

No. When your child becomes ill, you have access to a physician who is familiar with your child(ren) for treatment. You also can schedule regular visits for check-ups and preventive care to keep your child healthy.

7. What happens when my child has an emergency or needs special care?

Help is always just a phone call away. The HMO has a telephone number to call 24 hours a day for emergencies. You won't always have to take your child to an emergency room and wait for hours for a doctor who you don't know and who doesn't know your child. If your child needs special care, your child's personal doctor will make sure that your child receives it.

8. Which HMO should I choose for my child?

Call the NJ KidCare toll-free hotline 1-800-701-0710 and talk to a Health genefits Coordinator (HBC).He or she will provide you with information to help you decide which HMO is best for your child(ren).

9. What questions should I ask to choose the right 1-10?

Can my child(ren) continue to be treated by their current doctor and specialist:s?

Will it be easy for me to get to my child(ren)'s doctor?

What hospital(s) can I use?

Does the HMO speak my language? Can my pharmacy continue to provide my child(ren)'s medication?

10. What do I do next?

Applications for NJ KidCare are available at one of many convenient locations